Tips from Your Local HVAC Maintenance Technician

Popular Misrepresentations About Your Air Conditioner

People are constantly on the hunt for new methods to improve their energy efficiency, as doing so can reduce their power bills and their impact on the natural world. Over time, however, a number of misconceptions have taken hold, making it harder to understand how an air conditioner works and how to make the most of its features. In order to get the real story of these AC misconceptions, you should contact a local HVAC maintenance contractor.

Low thermostat settings reduce humidity like Dry Mode.

The amount of electricity required to run an air conditioner depends on both the room temperature and the humidity. Because the AC remote’s primary functions are power and temperature control, we tend to neglect the other settings. Humans experience increased perspiration due to the high relative humidity, making the environment feel muggy and unpleasant. In situations where the temperature is bearable, but the humidity is high, switching to the air conditioner’s Dry Mode could be the most cost-effective way to reduce the humidity without sacrificing comfort.

It will be easier for the air conditioner if you keep the room at a lower temperature.

Unlike its inverter cousins, traditional air conditioners only have two compressor settings: “on” and “off.” If the temperature is lowered to save money and then not raised again, over-cooling and decreased efficiency will result. If the indoor and outdoor temperatures are kept as similar as possible, it will be necessary to use less money on heating and cooling.

Turning the air conditioner on and off wastes energy.

It is common knowledge that leaving your air conditioner on all day, even when you’re not home, is a certain way to drain your bank account dry. It is more efficient to turn off the air conditioner entirely than to leave it running at a lower setting all day. Simply shutting the system down when it’s not in use is all it takes to save money on cooling bills. In addition, it functions best when run at full throttle for short bursts rather than at a constant temperature.

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